Peru flag colors - meaning

     Red represents blood shed for independence
     White symbolizes peace and purity
      Cinchona tree (the source of quinine) represents flora.
     Vicuña (pronounced 'vy-Q-nya) in the coat of arms represents fauna, freedom, national pride and heroism.
     Yellow cornucopia spilling out gold coins stands for Peru's mineral wealth.
     The wreath of palm and laurel branches stands for victory and glory.

    Peru flag symbolism

    Peru Coat of Arms
    Peru flag meaning
    The Coat of arms (Escudo de Armas) has a shield surrounded by a palm branch on its left and an laurel one on its right, tied by a red and white ribbon, as well as a Holm oak Civic Crown above it. The shield consisting of three elements: the top left section shows the vicuña, the national animal, on a light-blue field, representing the fauna of Peru; the tree in the top right section is the cinchona tree (the source of quinine, a powerful anti-malarial drug and the key flavorant in tonic water), on a white background, representing the national flora; and the bottom cornucopia with coins spilling from it, on a red field, represents the mineral resources of the country.

Flag of Peru

Peru Flag

Peru flag details

Names El Pendón Bicolor
(The Bicolor Banner)
La Enseña Nacional
(The National Ensign)
Adopted February 25, 1824
Proportion 2:3
Flag day June 7
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